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Order your Titanium+® Prepaid MasterCard® here or pick up a card at any MONEY MART® store

  • Approval is quick and easy!
  • No credit check, no personal bank account, no deposit required.
  • You just need a valid address, 2 pieces of ID (1 government-issued and 1 photo ID), and must be the age of majority of your respective province.
Get a Card Online

Call the activation phone number on the sticker attached to your card and follow the simple instructions.


Once you receive your card, you can register it online here at access to a ton of great features!

Register Your Card
Add Funds!
  • Add funds to you card from your bank account, any time 24/7, at or by going to and clicking the Titanium tab.
  • Apply for Direct Deposit cheques and other regular payments.
  • Load funds from your INTERAC® debit card or bank debit card.
  • Or add funds at Money Mart locations across Canada.
Add Funds To Your Card

You can start using your card.

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Buy! Register! Load! Use!

Order your Titanium+ Prepaid MasterCard here online or pick up a card at any Money Mart store.

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