How do I get my Titanium+ Visa Prepaid card?

Piece of cake! You're instantly approved! You can pick up a temporary "instant issue" card at any Money Mart store. Or order your card online here. You'll need a valid address and 2 pieces of ID (1 government-issued and 1 photo), that's it! Oh, and remember, you must be 16 years of age or over and be a permanent resident of Canada. Best of all, no application, credit check, deposit, or personal bank account is required. We'll mail your permanent Titanium card to you within 10 business days, personalized with your name. Sweet, eh?

What are the benefits of a Titanium+ card?

Where do we start? The Titanium+ card lets you do more. Shop online. Pay bills automatically. Book hotels and travel online for all kinds of exclusive discounts. Sign up for a cell phone. Game online. Join a dating site. And much more! With the Titanium+, you're free from the hassle and security issues of using cash. You can buy what you want, when you want, without worrying about having enough cash on hand or the right change. Because the Titanium+ card is prepaid, your card is also a smart budgeting tool. Since it's not a credit card, you stay in control of your spending because you decide how much cash to have on your card. Plus, with free Text Alerts, you'll always know your up-to-date balance to keep tabs on how much cash you have left on your card.

You can add funds to your card anytime you like online, or at any Money Mart store across Canada during business hours. And better yet, your funds will be available instantly. There is no wait time between loading funds to your card and using it.

What does 'Verified by Visa' mean?

Verified by Visa is a web service designed to protect web merchants and online shoppers. It requires you to enter a password to secure online purchases when you shop at those Web merchants. Learn more about Verified by Visa

Can I set up Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) transactions using my Titanium+ card?

If you want to make regular payments to a third party, you can set this up as a Bill Payment, using your card number as the reference. But you cannot provide the Direct Load Enrolment information to a company or organization authorizing them to automatically withdraw funds from your card. Direct Load Enrolment information should only be provided to a company or organization that is going to add funds to your card.

When can I start using my card?

How fast can you get here? We're serious! You can start using your Titanium+ card immediately after purchasing your instant issue card and adding funds to it.

How to Add Funds to my card?

There are 5 convenient ways you can add funds to your Titanium+ card:

  1. Online at MyTitanium.ca Our AddFunds feature allows you to transfer fund to your card at anytime directly from your bank account.
  2. Interac e-transfers/e-mail transfers These are initiated at your bank’s website, and are controlled by the funding bank. To use these, you will need the account number from your DirectLoad form on mytitanium.ca. Click on the DirectLoad form link on your account for this information before you initiate an Interac e-transfer from your bank.
  3. Direct Load You can set up direct load for your employer or other payment sources to make direct fund loads to your card. Click on the DirectLoad form link on your account for more information, or chat (link) with a representative now for help in setting this up.
  4. Money Mart stores You can add funds to your card at any Money Mart store (fees may apply depending on your monthly service program). Your funds are instantly available on your card. Once you've added funds to your card, there is no wait. It's load and go! Find a Money Mart near you.
  5. Your bank's online bill payment system Simply log in to your online bank account and add "Nextwave Prepaid Visa" as a payee. The card number that appears on the front of your Titanium+ Card is your account number. The name on your Titanium+ Card must match the name that your bank has on file for your account. So, if your name is Jane Smith and that's what appears on your card and that's what your bank has on file, then you're good to go. If there's a difference - you could run into a small delay. It may take the bank up to 2 business days to transfer the funds to your card. This protects you from fraudulent or unauthorized transfers from your account.
  6. Wire transfers and PayPal transfers are not an allowed funding method for your prepaid card.
I’ve loaded funds from my bank and they don’t appear on the card. What happened?

If you used a bank’s website to initiate your load, please be advised that for security reasons it can take up to 3 banking days for the transaction to transfer between the funding bank and your card. If you used AddFunds from this website, if the transaction did not complete properly it will be rejected by us and returned to your bank. Your bank may take from 2-72 hours to return the funds to your account.

Why is there $1.50 internet transaction fee for AddFunds loads?

Our AddFunds feature (QuikFunds is a subset of AddFunds) uses the same internet service protocols as ATM machines. The third-party provider for this service (Interac) charges fees for the convenience of very fast loads. You can load online without these fees using a bank load, however, bank loads can take up to 3 business days for funds to appear on your card.

What is the difference between a Visa credit card or debit card and a Titanium+ Visa Prepaid card?

The Titanium+ Visa Prepaid card looks similar to a Visa credit card. Both have the Visa trademark and hologram and merchants will electronically accept the Titanium+ card as with any other Visa card. The difference is that Titanium+ cardholders don't have a line of credit. The Titanium+ card is purely a prepaid card. That means you can only access the prepaid amount of money you put on the card. That helps you spend and budget. The great thing is that you control how much you add to your card and what you spend!

You'll notice that your Titanium+ card is not embossed. The numbers are printed flat onto the surface of the card, unlike raised, dimensional numbers on traditional credit cards. We do this because a prepaid card cannot be used in old-fashioned imprint machines some stores still use for credit cards to make carbon copies of card numbers.

Your Visa prepaid card significantly increases your purchasing power over a traditional debit card. It makes purchases easy, convenient and secure wherever Visa cards are accepted - that's in over 24 million locations worldwide. You can also withdraw cash at over 1 Million ATM's displaying the Cirrus or the Visa logo. Best of all, your Titanium+ card allows you to make online purchases, take advantage of great Web deals, make hotel reservations, set up automatic bill payments with companies that accept Visa cards, and much more. The power is yours!

How do I activate my new or replacement card?

You can activate your new card either online or by calling the 1-800 number on the back of the card. Be advised that if you activate your card online, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours before you can use your card. If you activate your card by phoning in, activation is immediate.

Can I use my Titanium+ card to make online purchases?

Absolutely! That's one of the big advantages of your Titanium+ card! You can use your card for purchases at your favorite online stores, including gaming, dating and travel sites and many others. Just enter your card information when prompted at the checkout and you're good to go.

Why are there 2 cards-instant issue and permanent?

Your temporary Instant Issue Titanium+ card lets you jump right in and use your card immediately. In the meantime, your temporary card gives us time to personalize your permanent card with your name on it. Your card is personalized to discourage someone else from fraudulently using your card as they may need to show further ID to use the card.

What's my spending limit, and what is the maximum balance I can have on my card?

With the Titanium+ card, it's up to you to set the limit on your card for any amount up to $10,000. You can load funds directly from your bank account online or at a Money Mart store. It's totally flexible and puts you in control of your card and your spending. Check the Limits and Fees section for more information on daily limits for purchases and ATM cash withdrawals.

How can I find out what is my card balance?

FREE text alerts are another way we make life easier for you. With daily balance and transaction alerts you'll always know your available balance and will receive updates every time you swipe or load your Visa card. Alerts can be texted to your cell phone and/or as an email. Check with your cellular provider as they may charge a fee for receiving Web-based text alerts.

All alerts are customizable. That means you can choose what you want to see (eg. purchases, withdrawals, daily balance, reloads). Sign up for free text or email alerts.

You can also check your balance and dig into your transaction history at your free online account right here at MyTitanium.ca. Open your free online account now. You're also welcome to call customer service for account information at 1-888-252-9535.

Why was my purchase declined?

Your Titanium+ card available balance was probably less than the purchase amount due to previous purchases or a pending authorization such as a pay-at-the-pump gas station, hotel, car rental, etc. (See FAQ headed "What are pre-authorizations?" for more information.) If you know the approximate value of the balance on your card, you can ask the retailer to do a split transaction, using another method of payment to make up the difference between what's available on your card and the purchase amount. (Merchants are not obliged to do this.) Merchants are not able to view or obtain the balance on your card. This is another great reason to sign up for free alerts, because you'll always know your card balance.

Can I make preauthorized automatic payments and other bill payments with my card?

Most definitely! Just check with the company you want to pay and see if they take Visa cards. If they do, just follow their instructions and set up your payments from there.

What happens when I return something that I purchased with my card?

The merchant may credit the refund amount to your card, or provide you with cash, or in-store credit depending on their policy. You are not allowed to ask a merchant to credit your card without a corresponding purchase originating at that merchant. Funds in these credit situations cannot be credited to your available balance.

Are there fees associated with using the Titanium+ card?

The Titanium+ card is the only prepaid card that offers you a choice between pay-as-you-go and a flat monthly fee. You decide what's right for you. Check the cardholder agreement for details.

Help! I forgot my username, online password, telephone access code, or PIN. What do I do?
It's an easy fix-there are 3 quick ways you can take care of this.
  1. Click on the Forgot Password link on the login page, enter the required information and your new password will be immediately emailed to the email address in your account profile.
  2. Or log in and click the appropriate link to update your user name, online password, PIN, and telephone access code.
  3. Or call customer service at 1-888-252-9535. For your security, please note that we don't keep a record of your PIN.
When will my Titanium+ card expire?

Your personalized Titanium+ card will expire approximately 2 to 3 years from the date you get it. Check the expiration date that appears on your card to be sure. The temporary instant issue Visa card won't work once you've activated your personalized card and should be destroyed.

If your card is about to expire, please call or chat with us so we can ensure your shipping address is correct so we can get a new card mailed out to you ASAP!

I've lost my card, how do I get a new one?

We'll be happy to help you get a new card. Call customer service at 1-888-252-9535 immediately to report that your Titanium+ card was lost or stolen. If you're calling from outside of Canada or the US, call 801-924-1749. Be sure to do this if someone else learns what your PIN is. Once your card is reported lost or stolen, we'll cancel it immediately and your funds will be protected. We'll mail you your replacement card within 10 days. Once you've activated your card, your available balance will be automatically transferred to your new card. You'll need to set up a new PIN online at MyTitanium.ca or by calling customer service at 1-888-252-9535.

Are the funds on my card protected from unauthorized transactions or if my card is lost or stolen?

Under Visa's Zero Liability policy, you won't be liable for any unauthorized point-of-sale transactions made with your lost or stolen Visa card unless you have been grossly negligent or have engaged in fraud. The Zero Liability policy does not apply to ATM transactions where the PIN is used. You are responsible for all uses of your card with your PIN at ATMs, whether made by you or anyone else using your card and PIN.

What is the difference between authorization detail and transaction detail when I view my transaction history online?

Transactions in the authorization detail section mean the merchant has sent notice of a transaction either in store, online, mail, telephone, or bill payment for the specified amount, but the merchant hasn't yet sent through a settlement request for the final amount. Until the merchant settles the transaction, the temporarily authorized amount is not available for new purchases or ATM withdrawals. When we receive the final transaction settlement request, the transaction is considered settled and the amount of the transaction plus any applicable fees for the transaction will be deducted from the available balance of your card.

What are pre-authorizations? Why is the amount shown in the authorization detail different than the actual purchase amount?

A pre-authorization happens when a merchant temporarily holds a portion of the funds in your card on top of your purchase amount. This is normal practice for merchants accepting credit and prepaid cards. It ensures that your card is valid and that you have sufficient funds to cover the anticipated final amount of your purchase. Until the merchant settles the transaction, pre-authorized funds and the purchase amount are unavailable for new purchases or ATM withdrawals.

When we receive the final transaction settlement request, the transaction is considered settled and the amount of the purchase and/or transaction plus any applicable fees for the transaction will be deducted from the available balance associated with your card. This typically happens within 3 days for gas stations, standard merchants are 14 days, hotels and car rental agencies may take as long as 45 days. In the event that the purchase amount is less than the pre-authorized amount, those remaining funds will be released once the transaction is settled.

Pay-at-the-pump gas stations, hotels and rental companies are the most common merchants that require pre-authorization. For example, restaurants typically pre-authorize 20% above the bill amount to cover the tip or anticipated final amount of the purchase. When paying at the pump, the terminals will pre-authorize your card for a minimum of $75 to ensure sufficient funds are available for the anticipated purchase amount. There is usually no pre-authorization if you pay inside at gas stations.

Can my card ever have a negative balance?

Yes. Even though your Titanium+ card is prepaid, it is possible to have a negative balance. If there is an authorization request for a purchase amount exceeds your available balance, the card purchase will be declined. Some types of retail transactions can result in a negative balance on your card, if you have not ensured that there are sufficient funds on your card to cover the transaction. If this happens, you would be responsible for the negative balance on your card.

Will I receive a monthly statement?

You won't receive a monthly paper statement in the mail. But it's quick and easy to view your monthly statement or access your transaction history via your free online account or by calling customer service at 1-888-252-9535. If you choose, you can pay a fee to have the card's issuer, Peoples Trust Company, mail you a paper statement of transactions made with your card.

Can someone else use my card?

For your protection, only the cardholder whose name appears on the card may use or load the card or make withdrawals with it. You are solely responsible for the care and control of your card and for maintaining the confidentiality of your PIN. Your PIN is provided solely for your use and security when withdrawing cash from ATMs. You should not maintain a written record of your PIN or disclose your PIN or online account access information to others, including family members and friends. Please see the Titanium+ Prepaid Visa Agreement for more about Zero Liability protection.

What if I don't recognize one of the transactions on my card?

You can review your transaction history with your free online account or call customer service at 1-888-252-9535. Sometimes merchants operate under a different name than the actual store name. If you find an error in any transaction record you must address the error directly with the merchant or ATM operator. If this happens, request that the merchant reverse the transaction and credit your card account for that amount. If the merchant refuses to assist, please call customer service at 1-888-252-9535 to report the disputed transaction.

Can I have more than one Titanium+ card or get Titanium+ cards for my family?

You may only have one Titanium+ card in your name. If your other family members are eligible, they're welcome to get their own Titanium+ cards.

Is my information private?

That's a very important question! Please see the Titanium+ Prepaid Visa Agreement for all the details on the confidentiality of your information.

Why is adding funds to my Titanium+ card safer than carrying cash?

When cash is lost, it's gone forever. But your Titanium+ card has got you covered! If your card is ever lost or stolen, you're protected with Visa's Zero Liability Policy. Your card will be replaced and the balance transferred to your new card. The replacement card usually arrives within 10 business days.

What does it take to qualify for a Titanium+ card?

You must be 16 years of age or over and be a permanent resident of Canada in order to qualify. You'll need a valid address and 2 pieces of ID (1 government-issued and 1 photo). No application or credit check is required. If you are applying online, you will need a funding bank account. That’s it!

I already have a Visa credit card. Can I still get a Titanium+ card?

You bet! There's no connection between your other card and your Titanium+ card. And remember, unlike credit cards, there is NO interest charge with the Titanium+ Prepaid Visa.

Can I use my Titanium+ card at any ATM?

You've got the freedom to use your card to withdraw cash at any ATM that displays the Cirrus or Visa logo. Just enter your PIN when asked to do so and choose the "chequing" option. Withdrawing cash may be subject to additional ATM fees by the ATM provider.

Can the Titanium+ card impact my credit rating in any way?

No. You'll be happy to know that your Titanium+ card won't impact your credit rating because it does not offer a line of credit. If you have a negative balance that is not repaid, we'll need to take you to collections. This would then have an impact on your credit score. So don't do this.

If I live outside Canada and am not a current cardholder, can I get a Titanium+ Visa Prepaid card?

Sorry. Only individuals who are residents of Canada are eligible for a Titanium+ Visa Prepaid card. Ready to emigrate?!

Can I add funds to my card from out of the country?

Yes. You can add funds to your card online from your bank account or do a bank transfer to your card. Also any direct loads that are being loaded onto the card will still be added whether or not you are in the country, so the funds will be available to you. It's probably wise to add funds to your card before you board the plane, to be on the safe side.

How soon after I purchase a card can I do an ATM load?

If you applied and were approved for your card online, you can load from your bank/ATM card as soon as you receive your personalized Titanium Visa card in the mail. This usually takes 7-10 business days to arrive.

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